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Thursday, July 25, 2013

CANCER AND ZOMBIES AND YOU: Announcing the BLEED Horror Anthology to Kill Cancer!

Hey guys! Just wanted to shout out--my zombie short story was selected for BLEED, a hopeful horror anthology where all proceeds go to kids with cancer! I know a lot of you are passionate about cancer, and a lot of you love stories, so if you want to read like, the most hopeful zombie story EVER, go ahead and pre-order here! http://bit.ly/1duCIq0 Pretty please share! For the children! (And for me = P) *oh also and for the zombies kbye
It's dripping from my lips like wine. It crunches between my teeth, at once smooth and rocky, like chunky peanut butter. Sometimes it's old, rotten, or diseased, and smells like cheese. Today it's got a warmer, more metallic, raw smell...
/end teaser