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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ten twitter-length short stories

All my life I wanted to face my fears. But gradually. Not, you know, by being thrown out of an airplane into a vat of tarantulas. ‪#140novel

"I love you!" "Why." "Does it matter why?" "If you love me because I've got dissociative identity disorder and you like my other self, yes, it matters." ‪#140novel

She curls up by the doorway, stroking the key but never touching the keyhole. Cobwebs creep; she grays. ‪#140novel We fear unknown freedom.

The dark fae-folk, the ones that steal children, don't steal anymore. Our society gives them infants in exchange for career luck. #140novel

We've always feared aliens spawning inside us. We didn't know when we penetrated the gooey rock that we'd spawned inside an alien. #140novel

Luke spent twelve years in the jungle searching for a cure. He found the flower in his mother's backyard--the day of her funeral. #140novel

I coughed, scratching on thru the swamp; dank weeds slick with urine tangled my bare ankles. I lost my resolve. But I found hers. ‪#140novel

I screamed, plummeting sixty stories towards the dino-infested zoo. I screamed cuz my parachute opened. I hate my job that much. ‪#140novel
(May 9)

I found her in a dumpster; married her same day. She stopped drugs, got a job, grew rich--& left me because I'm a trash collector. #140novel

What got me about this guy wasn't his Mohawk, piercings, or leather. It was his worn copy of Trumpet of the Swan by EB White. ‪#140novel daw
(May 9)

I came. I saw. I ran away screaming as the giant scorpion whipped its stinger at me. I returned with bug spray. I conquered. ‪#140novel
(May 12)

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Citizens of my Nightmares

Free short fiction; horror, magical realism, feminism, TRIGGER WARNING, WILL MAKE YOU VERY UNCOMFORTABLE, PG-15/R

What is a girl worth?