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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Her neck (#poetry)


With the neck that's a curve of soft golden marble

That I kissed in innocence
Then paid in blood

You nearly killed me.

You, do you watch me

Like I watch you?

Lady with the curls

Nose Greek in its hard perfection

Lady who steals from shopping markets

Because you think they deserve it

Genius who reprograms lab equipment

To break it

To punish the next shift

Lady, like luck, you are cruel.

And I love you.

Great Expectations

Was it a game?

You must have loved me, you must!

Every picture

Of my future

Centered on you,

And yours.

I loved yours, I love them, my heart aches, I cannot stop, my children, my children, my children!

Rachel weeps

My children are no more my children

They were always yours.

"Miss, you're just like Mommy but nice."

I wasn't trying to steal them.

I was only showing kindness

You were too angry

I wasn't trying to correct you!

Only help!

It wasn't my fault they loved me!

I was just nice

I was just myself.

That's the worst of it

I think you know that

I think you know that you threw ME out

Because YOU had been outcast

By you.

I hate adults.

When I breathe, they die.

One by one.

But now I can't breathe

Without my chest aching

My ribs, so tight

Encage a heart

Around you.

You know they don't love you, right?

I would have died for you.

You, in my dreams


With the neck that's a curve of soft marble gold

That I kissed in innocence

And paid

In blood

Sponteneity (#poetry)

You love me.
You made this for me.
I did not make this for you.
This life is your gift to me.
Nothing that I give you is ever a gift
It is only the natural flow of the rivers of life that you give me
It is the overflow
the droplets
The excess of what you gave me
You're ultimately giving it all to yourself
But that's not my place to judge
Not my problem to worry about
This is yours
This is from you
Because you love me.
You are my best friend.
You sat next to me in the Garden of Gethsemane
You hung over me at the cross
You saw me in every torment you went through, not as the evil tormenter you could have seen, but as the beloved you wanted to save.
You dearly dearly dearly love me
You're obsessed with me
You didn't just die for me.
You threw away