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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Protagonist Cafe--Share Your Protag With Me! Blogfest

You have an awesome protag. You love to share him, or her, with the world.

Share your protag with me!

I'm an interdimensional reporter. I like to ask questions, and I like to analyze. Even in our world, I've made part of my living asking interesting questions of interesting people and things. I'd like to step out of our world, into the worlds you've created, hang out in an imaginary eatery of your choice, and ask your protag/evil guy/random minor character some questions.

Why? First, it gets you a tiny bit more publicity--a tiny bit more hype about that gorgeous WIP. But secondly and more importantly, it can strengthen character development, and it's fun. Do not underestimate the power of fun to jump-start your writing. I interviewed a space-ninja here and my writing and his character development became better for it. When your MC is forced to answer questions you didn't think of--shoved into situations that didn't come from the tidy place in your head he belongs--well, good things happen. Mostly fun things, IMHO. Isn't fun part of the reason we all began writing in the first place?

How does this work? Leave a comment below explaining how you prefer to be contacted. I will contact you with questions for your character, you'll give us the setting, and we'll 'chat' back and forth for about 250-400 words.

THIS could be fun, people. Have some fun with me?

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  1. Dear Petre Pan,
    I chose you for the Very Inspiring Blog Award. Thank you for inspiring me with wonderful information to help me improve my writing. Read more about this award here: http://joanyedwards.wordpress.com/2012/12/25/i-gave-the-very-inspiring-blogger-awards-to-15-blogs/
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