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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sneak Previews: Interview with Star Thief Author Jamie Grey

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Today, we've got Jamie Grey, the author of the new NA Science Fiction novel, Star Thief. And when I say new, I mean, hot-and-piping-so-new-you-couldn't-get-this-three-days-ago-new. You can check out the blurb and cover copy by clicking below that snazzeh picture over there.

<<<< Go ahead, we'll wait. Do come back though. We're going to explore some author/character relationships and get you some exclusive content insight into this new book!

Okay, Jamie, I think they're back. That looks like them, anyway--aren't they beautiful? 

So, why did you write Star Thief?

Jamie: I think it was because I was a huge fan of sci-fi romance books and just didn’t find very many out there. So, basically I was trying to write the type of book I wanted to read! And I love space, so there’s that too  

Jen: Oh, I love that! Besides the contribution to the genre, what, to you, is the most important aspect of the book? By that I mean, what do you want most to leave with your readers when they've shut the back cover?

Jamie: I want them to be in love with the characters and world, and breathless from the ride. I also want them to be desperate to read the next book!

Jen: Cool. So--what is a Star Thief?

Jamie: LOL Good question. I can’t give away *too* much, but let’s just say a Star Thief is someone who can steal the most heavily guarded artifact in the galaxy and not get caught.

Jen: What's the biggest problem for your protag throughout the book? To deepen the question, what does Renna consider worse: the fate of the universe in her hands, or the relationship issues?
Jamie: I think Renna’s biggest problem is trying to balance the fact that she’s spent all of her life trying to look out for herself and do what’s best for her, and now suddenly she’s in a situation where she has to look out for other people and she has no idea how to react.

She’s been careful to keep her relationships superficial to protect herself, but somehow she’s gotten sucked into this complicated situation where she has to face her feelings and be responsible for other people and all sorts of things she doesn’t like. So yes, she’s fine with the action of saving the galaxy, not so much with having to figure out her emotions and feelings.

Jen: Do you think you and Renna would get along?

Jamie: Great question. To be honest? Probably not. I think I’d be really intimidated by her! The girls is pretty much bigger than life. She’s smart and abrasive and demanding and very self-confident. I think she’s the kind of person we all wish we could be, but don’t really like in person LOL.

Jen: Haha, well let's flip the question then! If Renna met you, what would she like most about you? Have you written anything that would make her mad?
Jamie: I think she’d like that I’m smart, a computer geek, and that I can blend in in most situations --always key for a good thief. As far as I know I haven’t written anything that would make her mad, but sometimes you just don’t know with Renna!

Jen: Speaking of content--just as a helpful guide for readers, what would you rate your book (G, PG-13, R) and why? (e.g., "super-steamy," "a scene of really dark violence and decapitation," "just some light kissing" or "nothing like that what's wrong with you")

Jamie: Since The Star Thief is a NA sci-fi romance, there are some definitely steamy scenes! Romance isn’t the only focus of the book, but it’s there. So, I guess if I had to rate it, between the sex and some mild violence, I’d probably have to rate it PG-13 or R.

Jen: Thanks for that, the honesty's super-helpful. Do you have a pet peeve in writing? This could range from a deep literary need or philosophical gap you want filled in science fiction right now, to something small like affect vs. effect. Whatever frustrates you a bit.

Jamie: I think right now in some old-school circles there’s a feeling that women can’t write good science fiction or don’t belong writing in the genre. That frustrates me on so many levels. I think we all bring different perspectives and experiences to the genre and excluding women lessens everyone’s enjoyment. Not to mention excluding a whole group’s ideas, characters and stories actually hurts sci-fi as a whole.

Jen: I see. Alright, now to the good! What's your favorite aspect of science fiction as a story-telling medium?
Jamie: The freedom to create a new world or play with our current world and explore different themes and ideas you can’t do in contemporary books. Seeing how someone reacts to a completely alien culture or world, or putting them in a situation no one has ever had to deal with before is really satisfying. But there’s also the ability to show that people are the same no matter when/where they live. Plus it’s just fun!

Jen: Right? I love new cultures, I love science, and I love space; it's the best genre. Anyway, finally, what's the most important sound in the world to you?
Jamie: I spent all of my summers with my grandmother at her lake house. We’d spend hours at night just staring up at the stars and watching for shooting stars with the sound of the waves lapping at the shore as a background, so I’d have to say the sound of water, specifically waves on a beach, is the most important sound to me!

Jen: I like that one. Water's probably the most common emotional response I get to that question--and everyone's bond to it is so very different. I love yours, that's a lovely image. 

Hey, thanks for indulging us with a visit to this little corner of the internet.

Jamie: Thanks so much for the fun interview and having me on your blog! I appreciate it! 

No, thank-you! 

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I've also got a new batch of character interviews coming up, and a little free fiction, so stay posted! 

Remember--you're loved. 


  1. Thanks so much for having me on your blog! It was such fun!

  2. Great interview! I've loved reading all the great questions you posed for Jamie!