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Monday, June 29, 2015

Two-sentence Flash Fic Run-On: How to Eat an Elephant

You know when you sit down to eat an elephant, and so you start out one bite at a time, 

but some days one bite is just too much to take because you gotta get your teeth through that skin and the steak didn't turn out very tender and it's just big, 
so then that day you don't take that bite, but maybe like half a bite, and then the other days you try really hard to take one bite at a time, 
but the longer it takes the more rancid the elephant gets because your refrigeration isn't great, and so when you're finding yourself taking like a third of a bite, or just like, a lick or two, you're like "okay, well at least a lick is better than nothing at all," 

and then some days you do so well you take like TWO bites, and then the next few days your teeth are so sore you just can't even take the one, 
and then suddenly you look up at the calendar and then look at the elephant and it's fifteen days until your elephant is supposed to be all eaten and you've still got like a quarter of the elephant to eat and that elephant was supposed to be spread out over the course of like two years and it's just fifteen days now and that elephant looks so big and you're pretty much just DONE with this elephant because screw eating an elephant why are you even doing that there are so many other things you could accomplish that have more immediate results?

(About this poem: July 13th is the US Medical Licensing Exam, and there's an elephant smelling up my living room.)


  1. Cute!
    Good luck. Hope it’s not a Friday!

  2. Oh, yes! I am quite familiar with the smell of rancid, over-ripe, procrastinated, set-aside-for-later, and otherwise-delayed projects in the house!

    This was a brilliant illustration of the burden so many of us overwhelmed creatives live under. Thank you!

    1. Thank-you! I thought people might identify. = )