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Monday, February 1, 2016

Brain Worms and White Whales

If you like space, drugs, rude humor, or out-dated literary references, you'll want in on this. It's basically the best, and it's read by this awesome guy, J.S. Arquin from the @NWOvercast, and it's on the @Escapepod, which is basically the coolest.
http://escapepod.org/2016/02/01/ep518-brain-worms-and-white-whales/ So what are you still doing here? Go click!

Edit: While you're listening to that, I wanted to go ahead and just drop a few thoughts here about this piece--goodies for those of you who follow this blog.

First, if you're interested in actual real Vietnamese culture and short-stories, read the true tales in The Land I Lost by Quang Nhuong Huynh. Yes, it's a children's book, and yes, it's a Harper Trophy Book because it's poignant, amazing, and tragic, and it's a great introduction into the stories I imagine Ethan's Ong noi (grandfather) telling him as he grows up in the US, separated from the roots of a heritage that will always be a part of him. I'm a child of immigrants myself, so the second-generation struggles between the culture in your blood and the culture in your face really mean something to me, and under all the silliness and dick jokes, that's what this story's about. Who are you? And then, where are you, really? What do you believe? What's real? 

Kudos, by the way, if by the end of the short you can guess who the sacred one-truth is. Enough of my blabbing--feel free to discuss your silly stories, bad jokes, and heritage in the comments below!

I am the Truth. The Truth shall set you free. (Yochanan 14:6; 8:32)

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  1. By the way, all the courtroom data, about the babies named Vader, the rules protecting Peyote usage, and the possibility of prison for a speeding ticket in Virginia, are real!