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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Becominghero.ninja--superhero comic with a meta twist

Hey! I'm really happy you're reading this, because it means finally, after a year of prep, we're ready to launch becominghero.ninja! It's a mixed-media adventure, starting now as a webcomic, about superheroes, their authors, their fans, and representation within media. A guy wants to kill his author, a dude wants to save his best friend, and this is the comic that leads in to the 2017 novel that explores it all. You'll see some whacky medical scifi here and there because I like medicine--that's what I do--and you'll get a healthy dose of just overall weirdness.

So please, come check it out! Becominghero.ninja! Dot NINJA!!! WOOO!


P.S. If you like real world things and being ahead of everyone else, LolBurger and Last Galaxy Comics in Ponce, Puerto Rico will have physical comics of one of the first storylines of this series. Supplies are SUPER-limited, so get there May 7th and eat that right up. Can't wait to share this with you!


  1. I went to look, and found an introductory essay, but no images on p 1, p2 or p3.
    Am I doing something wrong? (Most likely, after all!)

    1. Yes, your ad-blocker is turned on! Sometimes ad-blocker recognizes images as ads!