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Monday, December 19, 2016

Holy crap guys, I have three short stories coming out in 2017! Also a picture book!

So it's been a crazy season of acceptances here, and I've been so blase' about life I forgot to tell you guys, my dearest blog people. Silly me! People have accepted my:

--Short story about two brother scientists who try to solve aging...by jumping out of an airplane into a volcano with a bear. Adrenaline Age is as crazy as it is scifi, based on everything I learned in my Biology of Aging class taken to an illogical extreme. That's coming out from The Overcast, a wonderful podcast voiced by J.S. Arquin, who you all know from my story Brain Worms and White Whales.

--Superhero short about an engineering student whose multiple sclerosis threatens to keep him from earning money for school. It's a more realistic superhero origin story with a dose of modern robotics and a spoonful of that nasty medical science I study full-time. Puerto-Rican-centered Hierro comes out 2017 from a dark little publishing start-up that I've fallen in love with recently: The Crossover Alliance.

--Whipping the Dead, my stream-of-consciousness dreamscape that blends some of my Japanese heritage with memories of dying grandparents. To make it truly literary as f, it's structured after the Fibonacci sequence. It's maybe my most beautiful and most pretentious thing I've ever written. I freaking love it, and I guess Pantheon Magazine did, too.

And if I failed to mention that I have a children's fantasy history picture book coming out, about a little Khoi-san boy whose father rides dinosaurs, then I have failed utterly. Utterly, have I failed. I'm truly happy about this one, because there's a wonderful teacher's guide about dinosaurs and African history involved, and the publisher's hunting down a great illustrator, and it's all great. It's called The Different People, and it celebrates diversity in all her forms, and it's coming out from E-treasures Publishing!

So yeah! Amidst all my hype about my upcoming superhero novel, about the comic book character who shoots his author, I forgot to tell you those things. (By the way, if you want to be on the list to know about that novel FIRST when it comes out, you gotta drop me a line

But now you know.


  1. Congratulations times, like four or five!
    Keep it going, kid! We all love you.

    1. W00t woot! Thanks--you are one of my favorites because you're always so supportive, haha!

  2. Yassssss! Congrats!! Proud that I knew you before you were famous :)

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