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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Escaping the Dragon, Entry 1 (Low Fantasy Serial)

September 26, 2012

First post! Or Dear Diary...

My dragon caught up to me today. I'd slipped into a world where unicorns exist, a field of heather I know not where, and bathed in cool shade and lilting, dancing sunlight I chased after them. They only come willingly to maidens, and I'm married--no longer a maid--so I hid in the grass, stifling giggles as my muscles rippled and blood surged with adrenaline and mischief, itching to catch a ride the hard way. Like a fool, a happy fool--those horns aren't for show. But this is my raison d'etre!

But then the shadow ate the shade around me. My shadow reared up into a shape much bigger than me, with feathery decay in its wings and a stench that makes you tingle from your privates to your gut, like the odor alone is a violation--

I screamed, tried to pull back--

I really did!

Why didn't the stupid horn-horse run?

But the dragon ripped the unicorn in two. Snapped off its horn and shoved it through the creature's--

Sick bastard. My stomach's turning writing this. I hate it. I hate how it snuck up on me, didn't give me a chance to fight it. I hate how it's following me. These are my worlds! Let me be in my worlds! I'm a dimension-traveller for pleasure, not to be the carrier of some freakish parasitic death-vector!

I'm never going back to that field, wherever it was. It was too pretty for me. I realized today that I'm not winning anymore. The dragon's not something I can ignore. I may wake up tomorrow imprisoned in shadow, with scales creeping up my arms and legs and its thoughts penetrating every bit of my mind. I'm writing this down so that if it wins, if it gets my brain, if it devours one of your worlds through my hands--you'll know I tried. Whoever you are.

Tomorrow I'm waking up in a science fiction. There, maybe, one of my space-warrior friends can track down a cure I just haven't thought of yet.

Tonight I'm just trying not to travel in my dreams.

Oh God I think I'm scared of the dark...

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