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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Update! What's going on? Upcoming goodies!

Not usually a big fan of blog updates, because they tend to be useless to the reader, but I wanted to kinda give you guys an idea of goodies I'll have for you in the future! (Yay!) As a lot of you know from my twitter, I'm smack-dab in the middle of medical school and still trying to write a little if I can--which is why blogging and tweeting is slowing down a bit.

BUT I'm dedicated to this whole writing thing, and this is what's going down!

  • Escaping the Dragon: I'm launching a new straight-to-blog fiction serial to celebrate genre diversity! It's about a dimension-traveler, a gal who lives life hopping between several stories and genres--from contemporary to fairytale to scifi to horror to superhero stories to women's fic to whatever else you can think of--while a world-hungry, violent, demented dragon haunts her shadow. She's using every strategy she can think of to kill the beast, but it threatens to infect and destroy every world she lives in--using her hyperactive mind. Keep an eye out over the coming months for the diary of her adventures.
  • Medfacts for Writers: Your MC starving to death? Stabbed in the stomach? Shot in the back? How do you write that, anyway? How does it feel? What are the details that go with the everyday adventures of our protags, and how do you make your hospital scenes sound real--how do you make your doctors know the facts if you don't? Keep a look out for articles in the coming months that explain the fall-out, feelings, symptoms, and writing tips and tricks for the common lacerations, burns, and implosions our adventure MCs deal with. In the meantime, follow my twitter (@petr3pan) for medfacts both related and unrelated to writing. 
  • Short stories: Keep an eye out in the coming year for...
    • a magical realism about friends trapped underground trying to decide who to cannibalize;
    • a vampire who refuses to drink blood--but does her extremist hunger strike go too far when she tries to stop other vampires, too?
    • fairies who live in our coffee beans;
    • a citizen of an organismal city, with living walls and floors, gets transferred to a nuclear post-holocaust zone and discovers his heartbeat is slowly killing him--but the girl he loves doesn't want him to change it!
    • a surreal, zuihitsu-style taste of a zombie brain the moment before it's killed, a hopeful fairytale commentary both on addiction and cancer, available now from the Bleed horror anthology--all proceeds go to supporting cancer research for kids!
  • Becoming Hero, about the superhero comic book character who shoots his author, is getting some good bites from agents, so maybe I'll have something to share on that front soon. I want to do a series of youtube readings for you all--complete with pictures and voices and fun!--once I'm allowed.
  • And more! Yay!
So that's what's coming down the pipe for you guys and gals. 


  1. I lean forward in unbridled anticipation...............

    1. Haha you are so sweet. I hope you're doing well, haven't heard much from you lately! Glad to see you're around! The new medfacts is up, if you'd like to check it out.