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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fear and Trembling Magazine Acceptance

Real quick--I'm supposed to be studying micro--

Fear and Trembling just accepted my vampire story about damnation and repression! It was a hard sell because no one wants vampires or damnation or repression, so I'm really glad! 

Here's the cover letter I used:

Viviana refuses to drink human blood. It doesn't matter that she wants to. It doesn't matter that everyone around her says it's natural. It doesn't matter that every other substance on the planet is poisonous. It's wrong to kill an innocent.

But wasn't she supposed to go to heaven when she died? Wasn't that was 'gracia sola' was all about? Is she damned? If not, why is she housed in a crypt with clammy blood-suckers? Does this have anything to do with the same-sex attraction she denied all her life? And if so, is she repeating her crime against nature by denying her new desires, too?

This is a story about hoping against hope when God doesn't show up.

Look for it in the upcoming months, if you're into dark, weird, probably offensive stuff. Otherwise, forget I said anything. Also, this short story is an allegorical not-autobiography but yes-me-too-story! 

Okay, that's a little personal, but yes! Same-sex attraction sharing time coming soon to a little blog near you. Specifically, this one!

Love ya.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats! That's huge. I look forward to being offended ;)