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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nine Short-Short-Short Stories To Stir Your Imagination

Hello again, dear friend!

Can you write a story in just 140 characters? I don't mean using 140 characters at a time--I mean like a complete vignette, image, or beginning-middle-ending story in a tweet! I'm continually practicing concise fiction on my twitter (@petr3pan), and I've gathered my recent favorites here for you. Share yours!

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Her scalpel navigates his brain tissue like bonsai art, her fingers one with her thought & his. She breathes, snips; tumor's gone. #140novel

Legs scuttled over my hair, my lips, my clothes; infinite spiders carried me screaming to their den. #140novel But they only wanted my help.

The things I said about the real world made it mad, so I fled to the mountains to live fiction. Til the world ended & asked me back #140novel

Pink lights shimmered on the waves as she sailed into the horizon; she found the fountain of youth but destroyed it to save us all #140novel

It was a dark and stormy night. Because I lost control of my superpowers. #140novel On the bright side, lightning's lovely on a supervillain.

"Flee, flee the flesh-eating cloud," warned the dragon. I spent my life on the run; I regret that. Time's still faster, why race? #140novel

The sun rose green day after "IT." We lost everything fleeing earth. Everything but other ppl--who suddenly meant something again. #140novel

I thought I would teach the homeless guy to say no to drugs. He taught me to say yes to worldwide secret agent adventure. #140novel

She keeps her phone off; it only rings when she's in trouble. But someone has to tell her. I break in. "He's dead! You're free!" #140novel

I took a weathered page to write on dragons slain; a starving addiction came off the page. I'm haunted by a lizard I can't escape. #140novel

Join me on the hashtag #140novel all year long, and share your tiny fiction! Or, just tune in, for little bits of story to poke your imagination a bit. Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today. = )

Want more fiction from me? Click on the "Fiction" tab up there and scroll down! Or, purchase the Bleed anthology by PMM publishing for my short story "I Am Disease." I'm super-spammy about that one because all proceeds go to kids struggling with cancer! If you've already read "I Am Disease," you can argue with me about it here.

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