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Sunday, June 1, 2014

SciFi Flash Fiction: Free Thought

Luke held up his glasses, grinning. Wires dribbled off the sides like spaghetti as he whispered,

“We're privatizing free thought.”

His sister sat back and crossed her arms, smirking. “Isn't free thought already privatized? It's kind of, you know, in your head. Private.”

“No. Free thought means you can extend your thoughts beyond yourself and let them soar through the ether of--”

“Get to the point,” said Lisa.

“It means you can communicate. A child with a stutter might have great thoughts, but with the public's limits on communication, he can't set them free.”


“This lets you tap into the other thinker's mind and see what they see.”

Lisa stood up and took the glasses from Luke. “Oh crap, not like your mind printer.”

“I swear, this time it works! Mute people, people who are just bad at talking, dreamers—their thoughts will all be set free!”

“Okay, lemme see then.” Lisa snatched the glasses and slipped them onto her face. She stumbled as the lights swirled around her and orbs like planets came into view. “Man, your brain makes me whoozy,” she muttered.

Luke flailed at her, trying to get them back. “You weren't supposed to put them on! I'm sorry, I didn't have my thoughts ready for you--”

“No,” Lisa grinned. “It's okay. It's totally okay. I like them.

I like your free thoughts.”

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