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Saturday, March 18, 2017

How do we think about #mentalillness in #sciencefiction? Review of "Caresaway" by @DJ_Cockburn

I appreciate a solid first paragraph, because in this day and age, when books have to compete with so many other distractions, I want to know what kind of character I'm going to hang out with for the next 35,000 words. I mean, now-a-days, I could spend this valuable time crying over an atonal Netflix special about spilt milk, or failing at Starcraft games online while jerks yell at me, or pillaging an English village in the name of my ancestors.

DJ Cockburn is a man who knows how to start a story right. Edward Crofte, a strong, cruel, cutthroat businessman, walks into the CEO office he just took over. Cockburn wisely skips the board room set up, and starts the story right where the world's changing. A new antidepressant, “Caresaway,” has taken the corporate world by storm, and everyone's using it as a performance drug. Has Caresaway made Edward the “uncaring” man he is today?

Read the rest of the review, and find out what's wrong with over-simplifying mental health issues, over at Tangent Online. Writers should use it to learn about proper pacing and first sentences.

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