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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

IT'S HERE! @Crossoverally's superhero anthology with my name in it.

Heyoooo! You know how I've got this whole Becoming Hero superhero franchise thing going on? One of Becoming Hero's superheroes made it into Crossover Alliance's superhero anthology, and that anthology is out TODAY. The anthology spans the gamut from scifi to more fantasy-type heroes, so you'll dig. I'm personally psyched because I've wanted to work with this company for a long time--they're an up-and-coming edgy small press you should definitely check out while you're picking up your copy of the book.

So yeah! My Giveaway for this release ends soon, but there's a new Giveaway you can enter to get free copies! Wooooo superheroes!

UPDATE: You can read an interview with all the authors (me included) here, about why we wrote each of these stories: http://christianfictionreviewguru.blogspot.com.au/2017/03/interview-with-authors-of-crossover.html You can also read a review about all of us here: www.tangentonline.com/print--other-reviewsmenu-263/anthologies-reviewsmenu-107/3445-superoes-the-crossover-alliance-anthology-ed-by-david-n-alderman

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