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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What's your favorite way to fly, and why?

Champion in Flight Release and Flight Fest!!!

You wanna fly by dragon? Enchanted bicycle? It's a lovely question, posted by Tyrean Martinson for her book release--you can join her celebration of flight by clicking on that link up there and then blogging about flight!

I actually really enjoy flying by real-life airplane--or that feeling you get in the haunted hotel at Disney's Hollywood studios, where you're dropped and then you're up again and then you're dropped so you're left, at least part of the time, suspended mid-air. That is a lovely way to fly. So if I could fly ANY way I wanted, I would want to fly just the way I am, with my arms spread and my face to the stars. Feels right, you know?

How about you? How do you fly?

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