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Monday, February 11, 2013

In Which I Tell The Truth

So. Most of you probably don't know that I recently quit my safe, corporate job to pursue freelance writing fulltime. It's a reasonable move; I've been freelancing successfully since 2011, and I'm starting to add a number of new clients to my list. I never thought I'd do this, for real, though.
  But I did, and I'm gonna ask you for one thing, and that's your readership. While most of my money comes from clients like companies and newspapers, building a strong personal site helps establish my brand, so every single time you read an article I post on thehownotto.blogspot.com or petrepan.blogspot.com, you're helping me feed my family. More importantly, you're helping me change the world with information and brightness--because that's why I write. I want to brighten the world, and I want to tell the truth, 'cuz that's what makes God happy, and I'll bet that's what you like to read, too. So please, if you can, follow me on twitter @petr3pan, and follow either my news blog or my fiction blog. I'll work hard to make it worth your while.