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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Untitled YA Science Fiction Novel (Space Opera about Space Ninjas, girl gets trapped in her own head) first pages

Roz--Year 12039, Visiona Galaxy, Contested Zone, Luna-Guetala Double Planet
My best friend Lem fights like a wrecking ball: she slams into whatever's in her way and throws a temper tantrum until someone's down, completely forgetting she has a human body, with vulnerabilities. She seems immune to fear. You'd never know blades, fruit juices, and empty rooms horrify her. I'm not even supposed to know.

I only know because when I walk into an empty room, I want to hug the walls and whimper. You learn to recognize that feeling in other people; it helps that we both picked up our neuroses in the same torture camps.

People say we connect too well--that we should quit playing around and start making babies already or something like that. They don't get it. We're soldiers. We've been soldiers since she could lift a flayer-gun. We connect because we don't have a choice. Because the lives of our families and friends--our freedom to exist, even--depend on our synchrony.

I'll miss her when I'm gone.
Lem knew there was something wrong the moment they refused to kill her.

She slammed her elbow into soft, crunchy neck-flesh; her attacker let go and collapsed to his knees. Three more uniformed men encircled her, shrubbery cracking around them. Lem lowered her stance and spread her fingers, licking her lips. 
Blitzers. Their ghostly gray armor blurred in the light of the three moons. Their orb-helmets, expressionless round globes of silver, reflected the trees around them. At an angle, in the darkness of the perfect reflections, it almost looked like they didn't have heads--like their faces held portals into evil parallel dimensions. I gotta get outta here.

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