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Sunday, February 3, 2013

#Twitrtales and Special Awards!

I'm a bit behind, and I apologize, but here are two new things going on around here.

1. #Twitrtales! I want to hone my sentences--squeeze them tighter, hotter--and I'm starting a story told on twitter. Each sentence must meet these two requirements:

    1) Moves plot forward and/or gives characterization. (No fluff!)
    2) Reads like a 'hook'; tells enough in one line to make sense alone, in a tweet.

You are welcome, of course, to try this idea out with me. I will be using the hashtag #twitrtales and reading everyone else's, too, if an "everyone else" exists! I'm only putting out one or two sentences a day to avoid spamtacular defeat and all that.
My twitter story starts:
        Tweet 2.          Tweet 3.
(I forgot to use the hashtag at first.)
(Yes, this is going to be a bit silly.)
Try it! Or follow me @petr3pan!
It's going to be a little jolted, because on twitter you don't have this ability to make the story 'flow' across sentences, but we'll see what happens!

2. A little bit ago the fabulous and sweet Joan Edwards nominated me for one of her 'Most Inspirational Blog' awards. I thought that was extremely kind (and unmerited), and I do not follow enough blogs to keep the chain going the way I ought, but I thought I'd send you over to her as a thank-you. She works hard to be one of the most positive writing cheerleaders I've ever heard of, and so I interviewed her about her own work on my blog a while back. So I nominate her back, for whatever its worth, as one of my Most Inspirational Blogs.

Very Inspiring Blog Award

 That is it for now! Next time there shall be snark.


  1. I've seen and have been following your #twitrtales Well done and what a great idea!

  2. LOL. Congrats on the award, but where are those 7 revealing things that come with it??? Huh?

    #Twitrtales sounds cool...